Time & Attendance Tracking Software Solutions

Easily keep attendance records up to date using uTRAC's integrated attendance tracking tools.


Online Timesheets

Managers, senior staff and clients can access shift schedules to update attendance and work hours live. All changes can be reviewed by senior managers for confirmation before finances are processed.

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Portable Clock-In System

Staff can be clocked on and off site by managers using either our Barcode Scanning or Biometric Scanning mobile apps.

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Attendance Tracking Benefits

Save Time & Money

By using uTRAC to update your team's attendance records, you will drastically decrease the time it takes to produce complex financial reports.

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Track Attendance Live for Billing & Payroll

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  • No-Shows

    Keep live record of missed or cancelled shifts.

  • Print Timesheets

    Customized documents detailing workers due to work.

  • Online Timesheets

    Record staff attednance on any device.

  • Barcode Scanner

    Scan workers on/off site using id reader.

  • Biometric Scanner

    Scan workers on/off site using biometric technology.

  • Supervisors/Clients

    Allow clients or supervisors to record attendance.

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