Manage your Workforce from Recruitment to Payment

uTRAC is a comprehensive online solution that allows employers to manage their entire workforce through the life-cycle of a project; from hiring, to shift booking, to processing their wages.

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Schedule Shifts

Scheduling with excel is a thing of the past thanks to uTRAC's workforce scheduling software. Coordinating your team is extremely straight forward with an easy to use drag & drop interface.

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Book Staff

uTRAC's communication tools will enable you to book workers for shifts quickly and efficiantly, reducing phone calls, texts and emails.

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Record Shift Attendance

Easily keep attendance records up to date and reduce needless paperwork and painful data repossessing using uTRAC's integrated attendance tracking system.

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Generate Financial Reports

Because uTRAC has in-built financial reporting tools, users can immediate produce accurate quotes, invoices and wage exports at the click of a button.

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Services & Specifications

  • Hosting

    SaaS supported by best-in-class, AWS style hosting.

  • Support

    24/7 support for enterprise level customers.

  • Onboarding

    Training and set-up services provided on request.

  • Multi-Device

    Mobile friendly web-applications.

  • Redundancies

    Automatic backups and 24/7 health monitoring.

  • Data Encryption

    Industry standard web-based 256mb SSL.

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