Sourcing the Best Festival Staff

Sourcing the Best Festival Staff

A common misconception about staffing an event is that it is simply a case of getting as many willing bodies as possible. Of course it is all relative; different roles require varying qualities - but reliability is the one quality that makes everyone's job easier. Clients are happy when your teams get everything done quickly and teams do that when there as few weak links as possible.

So what are some good ways to find the bodies you need with the qualities that make your life easier;

Cast a Wide Net

So you have a brand new website with an application form - great! How's your SEO - have you had it checked lately? There's 100 willing workers searching for 'music festival jobs' on google each day. You need to make sure that they find you. That means blogging, that means promotions, that might mean hiring a content marketing agency.

The kids also love their facebooks and their bebos so don't ignore social media. Promoting your company culture through consistent content sharing will not only invite the right kind of candidates to apply, it advertises to potential clients what kind of operation you run.

Invite Referrals

And of course, don't forget the old 'can you bring a friend?' technique. Maybe you could ramp it up a bit? When a staff member suggests someone that meets your standard, reward that staff member. You could make that a company policy; a referral program so your team know to come to you with good quality recommendations. You could even expand it externally to encourage others in the industry to give you tips first.

Be the Best

You are not the only game in town. Accept that staff will come and they will go. Sometimes they will be going to the highest payer, sometimes they will go for free entry to a particular gig. Whatever the case, they will always come back if;

  • You have consistent work for them
  • You reward hard work
  • You treat them with respect

Generally, the best, most honest, employers get the best event staff. Rewarding loyalty does not always mean punishing disloyalty - don't be precious about staff working on other gigs

Any other tips? Let us know your suggestions and we'll add them to the list.


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