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Mass Emailing Your Staff

When communicating with Masses of workers, email is the ideal tool for getting a message out. There's no shortage of mass emailing tools that can allow employers to send personable messages to the right groups of people. However, with this power comes great responsibility. There is an etiquette to emailing, and this can often be neglected in a manager's attempt to get a message out to many people as quickly as they can. The results can be unready emails, low engagement ...

Retaining Your Casual Workforce

The human touch is key for retaining the best casual workforce.

Whether in events, retail, hospitality, or facilities management, the realities of casual staffing has many pitfalls for the employer. Being able to keep the best casual workers is vital to ensuring quality of service. This is why many service providers gear their business to be a rewarding and exciting work environment for their casuals. Employers must also remember that the human touch is important ...

Packing Up the Outdoor Events Season

The outdoor events seasons is ending and as stages load out for the last time this summer, it's time to start thinking about how to make the most of the down time. Go on vacation, spends some time at home, take the load off, then start thinking about how you're going to improve things before the next busy period.

So where do you start? Every business's priorities will be different but it's always good to make incremental improvements at each ...

Our Story
The Last 6 Months

Since last October, uTRAC has scheduled 15,000 workers on 160,000 shifts in over 10,000 events around the world.

In these 6 months, we've learned a lot about how businesses utilize uTRAC to coordinate their flexible workforce and how users interact with our software

We've illustrated a sample of what we've found in the infographic below. These insights help us learn more about our users and to keep making uTRAC better and better.

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